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You’ve already found our site, so whether you’ve been recommended us by a friend, colleague or TripAdvisor, you’re in the right place for saving money on your trip to Manchester.

Manchester (and the UK) can be an expensive place to visit, but by getting a Manchester Card, you’ll get access to great discounts and savings, making your money go further.

Only a Manchester Card lets you access exclusive Manchester Card offers at a wide range of Manchester attractions, entertainment venues, restaurants, bars and nightlife

You don't need to worry about offer codes or vouchers, just download The Manchester Card to your smartphone (and it remains available offline) and tell the Cashier you've got a Manchester Card when booking or paying.  The Manchester Card offers unbelievable value - it covers you and your whole family, and you can use it again and again across 100s of different venues in Manchester!

The Manchester card costs £10 for 4 days or £20 for 10 days – which can easily be saved from one meal in the city centre or one attraction, so the more you do in Manchester, the more you will save!

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What is The Manchester Card?

The Manchester Card is an amazing tourist card which helps tourists save money off the attractions, venues, bars, restaurants and things to do in our glorious city – getting out and about can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be with The Manchester Card.

We’ve got exclusive discounts at the Manchester United and Manchester City Stadium Tours, the LegoLand Discovery centre, the National Football Museum, and loads of other places to see or things to do, plus special discounts at 100’s of the city’s finest places for eating and nightlife.

A single card covers the whole family, and from just £2 a day, you can make your money back in just one attraction – The Manchester Card can save a family of four £14 on either of the football stadium tours.

Simple & Easy to use
It’s super easy!  Simply download and save The Manchester Card to your smartphone.  It is then available offline and all you have to do is show your Manchester Card to the cashier or waitress to access incredible savings.

Tourist Information
We’ve also included information on other FREE sights in our City – like Museums and Galleries – as well as mini-guides to set you on your way: so our website is the only place you’ll need to look to find out the best places to see, things to do, places to eat, and where to head for nightlife in the city!

"With my £10 Manchester Card, we saved over £15 at Man Utd and £20 at LegoLand - what a great price!"

Paolo, Milan
"The Manchester Card saved me so much money in eating out each night.  Thanks!"


Rajesh, Birmingham
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