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Manchester Weather

24 March 2017
Manchester Weather

Welcome to Manchester, and we’re sorry about the weather!  Grey skies and rain are pretty much the order of the day for 60% of the year here in the North-west of England, so we’re kind of used to it (and it makes going away to somewhere sunny on holiday all the more pleasurable!).

But I think you didn’t come here for the weather! 









You might’ve come to follow the sports?  Manchester United are the biggest football club in the world, and Manchester City are fast becoming one of THE greatest teams of our generation – with a squad choc-full of world class players, a youth academy that is second to none, and the best manager in the world!  The Cricket ground and the velodrome in Manchester are also iconic, and have played host to innumerable historic sporting moments.

You might’ve come for the shopping?  Manchester boasts the best shops outside of London - but with smarter prices, smaller crowds, and friendlier service, it’s no wonder that people are now choosing our great city over the capital.  And, of course, London is only a 2 hour train ride away these days.

You might’ve come for the food?  Manchester has an incredible foodie culture, and practically every cuisine in the world is represented somewhere on our streets.  From Neapolitan style pizza and Thai street-food, to fine dining and specialist steakhouses or vegan restaurants, we have it all.  Plus there’s Chinatown, and Rusholme (or ‘the Curry Mile’ as it is better known) which is home to the best Indian curryhouses in the country.

Maybe the sights and tourist attractions?  Manchester has been a big city for hundreds of years, so whether you’re after a Downton Abbey stately home (Try Lyme Hall or Chatsworth House), a Zoo (Chester Zoo) or Safari park (Knowsley Safari Park) or sea life centre, or even cutting edge theme parks (Alton Towers or Legoland), it’s all within easy reach.

Enjoy your stay in Manchester – just don’t complain about the weather!

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